Anam Cara Powder 32g


Anam Cara Wild Flower Powder came about in our own healing journey, moving to the country and getting close with nature, watching the bees and butterflies always on certain flowers encouraged Vass to go in deep and study the science, folk medicine and how different cultures from antiquity used these flowers for medicinal purposes as well as every day health.

It really was a huge shift and up levelled all of our recipes, combining wild fresh but also dried flowers in nearly every meal and smoothie and in the evenings and colder months in teas.

There is something very energetically powerful about wild plants, how they show up in nature and their purpose to repair lost minerals in the soil was a light bulb moment for Vass and so for repair and any chance to up level already nutrient dense meals she created this beautiful energetic flower powder.

Hand foraging wild plants from V headquarters that are free of herbicides and pesticides, sun drying is the ultimate most powerful way to keep the density in flower and then powdered in a mortar and pestle with lots of love, wishes of well being for the collective and blessings.

This bouquet of flowers can be used in smoothies, as tea, in baking, in a salt mix on top of a salad, in foot bathing or body bathing and so much more.

Ingredients: wild dandelion flower, borage flower, white clover flowers, self heal flowers, wild lemon balm, peppermint, elderflower, passion flower.

Please keep in mind this product is made seasonally in our apothecary and once sold out will not be available till next summer season.

Please consult your healthcare professional before taking this formula.

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