The ingredients for beautiful, hydrated skin are found from nature – not from harsh chemicals and toxins.

V Rose Apothecary goes back to basics and uses the organic properties found in damask roses for a pure and clean beauty alternative.

V Rose Apothecary was created by Vass, a Melbourne mum who suffered from postnatal depression and birth trauma after the birth of her second child. Wanting to improve her life and wellbeing, Vass decided to adopt a natural and chemical-free lifestyle. She removed all toxic cleaning, beauty and personal products from her home, she changed her diet and studied the Earth’s Blue Zones – places in the world where people live longer and healthier than anywhere else on the planet.

Left with nothing to use on her skin she decided to go back to basics and do what her Cypriot ancestors did for hundreds of years, use rosewater on their face and body.

She went on the hunt to find the most beautiful and ethically sourced rose water as well as other botanical items that were and are still used by centenarians all over the world.

With this lifestyle and wellness journey she started to feel dramatically better, claimed her power back and started designing her dream.

V Rose Apothecary uses the finest, botanically rich ingredients, and is made with love and the blessing of nature.