Hi there and welcome to our small family business, V.

The reason I embarked on this journey was to help my family heal from toxins and be able to give you clean options of transdermal medicines for your daily beauty routine that promotes life and health while following the natural law. The ingredients for beautiful, hydrated skin are found from nature – not from harsh chemicals and toxins.

We love what we’ve created and the response we get fills our hearts because we really love hand making these products.

Since 2019 I have had an overwhelming urge to throw myself into study to understand the human body on a deeper cellular level, my motivation was to help and support our little boy through his healing journey. Since his birth, my aim was to keep him physically and emotionally strong, I had to learn the best approach that assists fast healing and detox mechanisms for post anesthetic procedures, this way his body won’t be impacted as hard and he can bounce back without an issue.

My trust in natural law got me started with herbal medicine and nutrition leading to my diploma in herbalism and nutrition, then I explored epigenetics and cancer nutrition going deep into natural hygiene and the Gerson method.

This was life changing and has solidified what I have always believed, that the body can heal given the right support and nutrients and since adopting this approach we have watched our little boy thrive.

Alongside seeing a Homeopath/Chinese Medical Doctor (Bodywise Wellness) and the surgeons at the Melbourne Children’s Hospital the fear that a parent experiences when their child is diagnosed with scary sounding stuff melted away because now I understood and took responsibility for my child’s health, and now I had a knowing that healing takes time and is all about the choices you make on an hourly basis, not every time you have a procedure. It’s about creating a diet, lifestyle and rituals that gives life, longevity and supports the body on a cellular level.

Now I have all this knowledge, I’m using it when creating our products and I want to share it with you, golden nuggets of scientific evidence where you can use food as medicine to support you through your journey.

Diagnosis can be terrifying but empowered action and a positive nutritional method can change your life.

Check out our source page to see what we have discovered and reach out if you have any questions or want to share your healing journey.

Thank you for taking the time to explore V

Lots of Love

Vass and family xxx