Facial massage is a very important beauty tradition from antiquity.

The Greeks were and still are huge lovers of beauty. They were very intune with the body’s natural aging process, they always used oils and herbal tonics to improve their appearance.

Aphrodite the Greek Goddess of love and beauty created a quintessential beauty ideal for the ancient Greeks and symbolised true femininity and grace that influenced prestigious ancient beauty rituals like facial massage.

Massaging the face improves the overall health of the skin, increases the lymph and blood flow, and removes toxins and dead skin cells. 

The numerous benefits associated with facial massage include increased facial muscle tone, wrinkle reduction, a brighter, more even complexion, reduction of fluids and puffiness, softer skin and increased skin cell renewal. This all adds up to the glow and relaxation.

Best of all, facial massage is something that you can do to yourself for immediate results and it’s free.

Check out our Lemurian step-by-step detailed diagrams that will help you master the fine art of facial massage.

All great things take time. This is the philosophical foundation upon which we are built on and what drives the excellent performance of our alchemy. We begin every formulation by sourcing the world’s finest quality and most active ingredients from conscious growers who share our commitment to quality and clean non toxic beliefs. 

Every ingredient is of the highest standard, the way we create our Lemurian Serum is via a long infusion process of at least 6 weeks that gently extracts the full spectrum of the plant’s nutrition during a healing sound bath surrounded by clear quartz and lemurian crystals.

Your skin will love the immediate plant activities that accelerate a deeply nourishing regeneration, repair, brightening, and firming as well as having a calming effect on the brain and body. 

Your vessel needs optimal nutrition and in one simple, yet powerful step Lemurian Serum assists you in your meditation and skin ritual at the same time and becomes its most healthy looking, resilient, balanced, and radiant.

“I recently purchased  both the V Rose Apothecary Eros oil  and the  Lemurian Serum, based on the fact that both products were made with such intention and good vibes. The Eros oil instantly makes my day brighter with the mood boosting properties of Frankincense and the beautiful packaging brings a smile to my face. However, my heart belongs to the Lemurian Serum. The beautiful, unique bottle gives you a little peak into the magic it contains. The scent of Blue Lotus and German Chamomile transports me into a cocoon of relaxation and alignment, so I can access my inner wisdom with more clarity, when I apply before meditation. And the serum helps me to have a deep, restful sleep and  seriously soft skin, if I apply before bed.  This serum has become a must have in my daily routine”

Jayne Craig, New Zealand.



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