We are so excited to have one of our dearest customers who is so aligned with our Ethos and way of living. We have watched  Inderjit Kaur on Instagram and her way of life and felt right away that we need to share her rituals and practices on our platform V source. She has spent time with love and beautiful energy taking us through her daily rituals. Thank you so much Inderjit for taking the time to take us through your very special moments and what assists you in your life’s journey.

We love you.

As a school teacher, owner of an online tutoring business, mum of 2 and residing in Melbourne. I left my roots 13 years ago to move to Australia from India to marry the love of my life. My career background is a computer engineer but I switched career paths quite early as I realised working with people of different ages excites me the most. I practice the Sikhi way of living hence yoga and meditation are a huge part of my life. A very important part of Sikhi way of life is never to cut my hair as we believe this as our spiritual antenna to connect with the highest way of living on this earth and it governs our radiant body. I get up during the twilight time (Amrit vela), early morning from (4-6 a.m.) to practice Kundalini yoga and medItate on the Shabad Guru (word given by the ten Sikh Gurus). I start my mornings quite early away from my phone. Morning routine kicks off by dry brushing followed by a body massage with Eros Face and Body Oil by V Apothecary and cold shower (yes in winters too except for when I am on my bleed). Then I drink warm water with lemon and honey which helps to kick start my digestion. Before I start my practice, I like to burn some Franks Tears or Palo Santo. Sometimes I hold a crystal during my practice too. I end my practice with prayer recitation of “Japji Sahib”. I practice yoga wearing my turban which has been great for my nervous system. Covering our head with a turban during yoga and meditation helps to regulate energy evenly within our 7 chakras. This morning routine has helped me through the years to ground and set up my intentions. This has helped me to birth my online tutoring business along with full time working as a teacher at a school. The morning stillness is a great time to energise myself before my kids wake up and we get into the usual hustle and bustle. I also take 11 mins ofyogic naps whenever I can fit during my day. They are great energy boosters for women. Also spraying my face with V Apothecary Rose Face Mist throughout the day keeps my skin refreshed and energised. I love it that this face mist has a clear quartz crystal in it. I always keep it with me in my handbag. Mostly you will find healing mantras by Snatam Kaur playing in the background in my house. After work my husband and I like to spend most of our evenings in our backyard. We grow most of our food ourselves. I am vegetarian and follow the Ayurvedic principles of diet. My nightly skin routine consists of double cleansing my face with the Eros face and Body Oil and finishing off with Lemurian Serum. The scent of the Lemurian serum sets up the mood for my evening mediation. Before I do my evening prayers, I sit in a comfortable position with my back straight and chin slightly in and breathe only though my leftnose while blocking my right nostril for 3 mins. It calms and relaxes my mind. I end my meditation with “Kirtan Sohila” (night prayers). I try to make it the last thing I do before I drift into dreamland. I hope to bring breathwork as normal part of growing up among our children and prepare them for the Aquarius age. My intention for myself this year is to work on my 10th body that we believe to be the radiant body. I am so grateful for the blessings and the lessons learned in 2020 and my prayer for you is “May the long-time sunshine upon you, all love surround you and the pure light within you guide your way on”. Satnam!


  • Komalpreet Kaur
    February 16, 2021Reply

    You are such an inspiration in this hectic life to understand the true meaning of life and how we can allocate time to the things we love. I hope you keep on growing and inspiring others.

  • Roop
    February 17, 2021Reply

    Very inspiring…. Kudos.. U radiate amazing positivity and charm.

  • kamal
    February 17, 2021Reply

    I’ very impressed by mrs inderjit kaur’s daily routines. In our busy life we hardly have time for ourselves but she encouraged us to spend some time on us. thank you for inspiring.

  • Vicky
    February 17, 2021Reply

    Dear Inderjit you’re such an inspiration to me and I am sure for others too…Loads of love…Rise and shine always

  • Navneet
    February 17, 2021Reply

    We forget the real purpose of our lives in the dially business of earning pur living and raising our kids. You are setting a wonderful example for all of us!!

  • Mandeep Kaur
    February 19, 2021Reply

    I am really impressed by ur routine dear Inderjit kaur…..meditating with combination of shabad guru is really a wonderful experience…thanks for sharing ur routine…keep motivating….god bless you

    February 20, 2021Reply

    WOW! Reading this vlog, honestly gave me such an amazing feeling and motivation. As last year my journey had started to become the best version of myself in Melbourne with my aunty, Indu. She inspires me so much in all aspects of life. I have witnessed her life and it’s all so true. She had been holding my hand since last year when I was at the most down point of my life and showed me the way to heal and getting the best a version of myself. It would be wonderful if I also add these products to my life as well. Yay, excited to shop v apothecary products!!!

    Waheguru Ji keeps my aunty and her family at CHARDI KALA & ANG SANG WAHEGURU


  • Harmeet Kaur
    March 14, 2021Reply

    You’re an inspiration Sis. So proud of you. Keep Shining. Lots of love ❤️

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