Our dr Dee multi use binder is made from very powerful natural and organic ingredients.

Our zeolite is 100% Australian and is a solution to pollution in our bodies and in our environment, it’s been used by antiquity as a detoxifying treatment to remove heavy metals and other toxins and it may assist in gastro intestinal problems.
Our activated charcoal is made from coconut shells and steam activated and have meticulously formulated to supremely pure and food grade.

Our third ingredient is Diatomaceous Earth, a source of amorphous silica and trace minerals from the fossilised remains of microscopic shells created by one celled planktonic species and approved by the FDA as food grade and organic.
Diatomaceous Earth is an amazing detox and parasite cleanse ingredient, in combination with the other 2 powerful ingredients it is a great support for your transdermal and internal health.

This product can be used for teeth cleaning: just dip wet tooth brush and brush teeth as you would normal toothpaste and rinse till water is clear.
This will help re mineralise and whiten teeth.

How to drink: 1 teaspoon in a large glass of water or juice daily.
Consult your health professional before internal use.

Plants also love this combination.
Use  1 teaspoon in a spray bottle filled with water and spray onto the whole plant.

Animals: Apply powder directly to animals coat, or mix in to their shampoo or add a few sprinkles into their water.

Facial Mask: Mix with our V rose water or any of our oils and use as a face mask.
Leave in for 5 min then wash off with warm water.

Avoid inhalation

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